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Mr. Sears was a wonderful help during this difficult time. [He] made a call to Porterfield's to arrange a meeting, which was particularly helpful. Also, he helped write the obituary & made a lovely program for the memorial service.

~ Ruth   O. - 4/27/2018

The inside is beautiful and the people are so kind and concerned and helpful. Brian was so nice and understanding, so kind and tenderhearted. I really liked everything about the building, atmosphere, the way things were handled and especially the people.

~ Robin   M. - 4/21/2018

Pat Sears was so kind and personable. He let me know he was there for us. The service ran very smoothly. He was very prepared and that helped make arrangements easier.

~ Sherri   W. - 4/21/2018

Heidi, Pat Sears and Rich Menear were all very genuine and gracious during the time I spent with them. They have a way of decreasing the stress on our family. Thank you. 

~ Shannon   S. - 4/6/2018

Heather was the best! Not knowing what was ahead of us in the arrangements Heather made it so smooth for my sons and myself. 

~ Kay   G. - 3/9/2018

The quality was outstanding from the greeters at the memorial to the staff helping me and my sons. 

~ Janice   E. - 12/8/2017

I was very impressed with your services and knowledge of both Melanie at Dove and Rich at the cemetery. Very helpful and compassionate. 

~ Elaine   H. - 12/8/2017

Dove did a wonderful job with everything. The one thing I am so grateful for is how my husband looked. You all did a great job on him. He looked so peaceful, like he was just sleeping. That did my heart a lot of good. Melanie was the one who took care of everything. She is so nice and did a wonderful job taking care of us. 

~ Amy   S. - 8/23/2017

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