The benefits of preplanning

The day a loved one dies, whether it is expected or a complete shock, is frankly, a very traumatic day. Even if you knew a death was coming, finding yourself in a world where your loved one is no longer with you, is very hard.

On top of the emotional upheaval, you and your family will be called upon to make many decisions about matters that you may not know much about, in a short timeframe. A typical funeral or cremation takes place mere days after a death, and many details must be arranged quickly.

There is a better way. When you plan your funeral or cremation in advance, whether you are ill, healthy, old, young or somewhere in between, you can have peace of mind knowing that everything has been arranged. Your surviving family will not have to make all of the decisions in their time of grief. And everything will be arranged to your satisfaction.

Of the 88 decisions that need to be made upon a death, over half of them can be made in advance, and you can provide guidance about many others in the preplanning record that you will create with our staff.

One of the other burdens that a death of a loved one can create is a financial one. Funeral expenses can be an unwelcome surprise to many families. When you pre-plan, you can choose to set aside funds in a special funeral insurance policy to cover your arrangements. You might also choose to use a trust or existing life insurance policy.

When you choose to purchase a funeral insurance policy from our funeral home, we will lock in today’s prices for our services and merchandise. While your family may need to pay for a newspaper notice or additional flower arrangements at the time of need, the majority of costs will be guaranteed. 

Advance planning makes sense on many levels, but can still be an intimidating topic. If you would like to learn more, we’d be happy to talk with you, so please give us a call at 272-9797 (Southwest Chapel) or 266-6700 (Southeast Chapel). Or, request our free planning guide to get started. You can also estimate costs with our online planning tool. When you are ready, we will be here to help.

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