The preplanning process

When you decide to prearrange your funeral or cremation services, we are here to help. We can meet with you at our funeral home, in your home or at another convenient place.

The preplanning process typically involves 1-3 appointments with our representative who explains the services and merchandise available to you and makes a record of your selections. Many times all the details can be arranged in one sitting, but some families need extra time to make decision or discuss with loved ones.

In addition to selecting services and merchandise, we will help you design a beautiful funeral or memorial ceremony that reflects your interests and provides meaning and a measure of healing to your surviving loved ones. You can select music, flowers, special readings and all the unique touches that go into a meaningful funeral.

An optional, but beneficial part of pre-planning, is pre-funding; setting aside funds today to pay for future funeral or cremation costs. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, which we explain here.

To set up an appointment, please give us a call today, or fill out our contact form and tell us what time would be convenient for you.