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We want every family we serve and every guest we welcome into our funeral homes be served to their complete satisfaction. With that in mind, we love to hear about the experiences that people have with our funeral home.

We’ve shared some of this feedback below. Have we helped you? If you’ve ever read a review, you know how helpful they can be. Help others by sharing your experience and leave your own review below.

Brian Voigt was very knowledgeable and efficient, and at the same time very kind and caring. Great website - very nicely ...

Luci   T.


Very satisfied. Thank you so much, Brian and Diana, for everything. Dove is the first place I went and after talking with Diana I had ...

Yevette   K.


We found the staff to be very compassionate, accommodating and easy to work with. The facilities are beautiful and intimate. I was so pleased with ...

Susan   S.


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