The obituary

An obituary is a record of your loved one’s life’s experiences and a traditional way to share the news of their passing with the community.

An obituary can be printed in the newspaper for a fee per line or word. The free placement on our website allows you the freedom of writing as much as you desire, without having to worry about costs. Sharing the obituary through social media like Facebook allows your wider social circle to learn about your loss, and provide support.

Most obituaries begin by describing their life events, including place and date of birth, family members, schooling, career, marriage and children, later life events, and finally, the date of death. Family members who have passed on before, and those who survive are listed.

But an obituary does not have to be just a dry recitation of facts. Above all, you want to give the reader a sense of who your loved one was as a person – what made them uniquely “them.”

This is your chance to share their life’s passions, favorite activities, and accomplishments. What made them laugh, and how they made you laugh. You may also name their close friends and organizations or causes that were important to them, tell memorable stories, and share their beliefs or life lessons that they shared with others.

Before you sit down to write, look through photos to stir your memories. Think about their proudest moments, and their saddest. Share disappointments and triumphs, and lessons learned along the way. Describe their favorite activities, hobbies, and how they spent their time. Remind family members and friends of how much they were loved.

Share their life philosophy or spiritual beliefs, and discuss the legacy that they left behind. You may also list a charitable organization or two for anyone who wants to make memorial contributions.

Publishing an obituary is a good way to make sure that everyone in the community knows that your loved one has passed away, so they also can mourn and pay respects. Please talk to our staff about placing an obituary for free on our website, and viewing messages of condolence from family and friends.


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